Nov 152011


The Daily Drum by Will B. Drumming
November 15, 2011

The police raid last night on Liberty Park in New York City will not stop the Occupy Movement. If you doubt this, listen to the new anthem of the movement, “We Are the Many” by Makana.*

The spirit, passion and truth we hear in Makana’s voice, and the voices of everyone in the Occupy Movement, cannot be quelled by tear gas and clubs. Repression is inevitable. It is the primary weapon that the government has to stop a mass uprising. But it won’t work. The big corporations and banks will use the weapon of money to buy politicians and spread propaganda.** But it won’t work.

Don’t be surprised or fearful when they use these weapons. The government and corporations are acknowledging the power of the Occupy Movement by using the weapons of repression and propaganda. They are taking us very seriously. Did you think they would ignore us forever or give up their wealth and power without a fight?

When repression and propaganda are used in an attempt to defeat the Occupy Movement, it requires a response by the millions of people who support the movement. We need to learn how to strategize together. We have more creativity and imagination than the 1% because “we are the many!” Don’t think that your voice doesn’t count. and leave the strategizing to others. You need to learn how to strategize and raise your voice to speak truth to power in creative and imaginative ways. Listen to Makana’s song. He found a way to courageously speak truth to power through his gift. (He first sang the song to President Obama and economic and political elites at a Pacific Rim summit in Honolulu. Now that’s chutzpah Aloha-style.) In the Hawaiian language, “makana” means “gift.” What is the gift that you can contribute to this movement?

We are planning a “Holiday Moratorium on Foreclosures and Evictions” from Thanksgiving Day to New Year’s Day. Come forward and help us to strategize together. We need your gifts! The only way we discover our gifts and enable them to mature is by putting them into practice together as a movement. Learning to strategize together is the key to the victory of the Occupy Movement. It is clear now that the government and corporations are strategizing ways to defeat the movement through repression and propaganda. They are trying to make us go away and win the hearts and minds of the 99 percent. But they don’t represent the majority of citizens. We do. And we need to create a strategy that will lead us along the path to liberation. Join the moratorium. Share your gift. Speak truth to power. Practice hope. This is our moment. Don’t be afraid. Open your heart to the dawning of a new day.





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